December 26th, 2016

A new advisory tool for avid readers

One of my favorite things to do in the library is browse the shelves. I run my fingers along the edges of the books until one catches my eye. I can flip through it and decide whether or not to take it home. Sometimes I stop at the new books shelves. Other times I wander farther into the library where I can find something that, while not a recently released book, is still new to me. Now you can browse our books from the comfort of your own home and even receive emailed lists of books you might like with your newest product, SelectReads.

SelectReads lets you find books in several different ways. You can sign up for emailed newsletters of both new releases and books you might have missed in any of more than twenty categories, including mysteries, memoirs, history, graphic novels, books for both kids and teens, and even our monthly list of books recommended by our staff. You will receive emails around the sixth of the month, and you can unsubscribe easily using a link at the end of the email. Because both the library and SelectReads value your privacy, the library does not have access to what emails you are receiving. If you’d rather not see the lists in your email, you can also check on the library’s SelectReads site and see the lists on the web as well.

If you click one of the books in the list, you will see more about the book, including other books you might like and a link to find the book in CCPL’s catalog. Clicking from book to book is a fun way to browse the library’s collection. You can also learn more about the author of the book and, if you click the “track author” button, can sign up to receive an email when the library receives a new book by that author.  We also have lists of award-winning titles for readers of all ages.

For more information and a video tutorial on SelectReads, head to  — we hope you can find your next favorite book!

April 14th, 2010

My Library, My Lifeline

My Library, My Lifeline logo

We’ve just unveiled a new logo for our My Library, My Lifeline campaign!  The logo is a visual representation of how the library is a vital lifeline to so many crucial resources and services – books, computers, legal information, the arts, health information, and much more.  To read more about how the library serves our community, click here.

We are encouraging other pro-library groups to use this logo for the non-commercial purpose of increasing awareness of the value of libraries in their communities.  Please click here for more information and to download the logo.

Tell us what you think of our new logo!  Leave a comment and let us know what you think or how you’ll be using the logo.

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