August 7th, 2009

Best Library Website Ever?

Our site is the best library site ever.

Are we a little biased?  Of course.  We put a LOT of work into our new site, and like new parents, we’re very proud.  And just like a parent with the brag book, we’re eager to tell you WHY we believe that our baby is the best new kid in town.

It’s beautiful. But this beauty is not just skin deep.  The site is easy to navigate, intuitive, searchable and well organized.  Beauty + brains!

It speaks to everyone. We have specialized information for adults, kids, teens, parents, small business owners, job seekers, penny pinchers and more.

It’s smart. Our site holds a wealth of databases, community information, helpful links and answers all put together by highly trained information specialists.

It stands by itself. 24/7 and promotes our great educational classes, cultural events, opportunities and library collections.

It’s helpful. Librarians make their great recommendations, FAQs, small business expertise, and other information is available at a click, any time.

It’s interactive. Every book, audio book, movie, CD and blog post on the site is eagerly waiting for you to comment and/or give it a star rating.

It likes to share. Found a book you want to recommend to your friend?  Click “share this” to email, post it to your Facebook, and more.

It’s fun! Pages with cool sliding displays, games for kids, tweets for teens and so many other features engage you to enjoy surfing.

– It’s young now, but it aspires to a great future.

Like any parent, we could go on and on, but what do you think?  We love our new site and hope you do, too.  Leave us your opinion below and join the conversation!

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August 3rd, 2009

Writer E. Lynn Harris Dies

Best-selling author E. Lynn Harris passed away suddenly on Friday, July 24, 2009, at the age of 54. Harris overcame many obstacles to become a celebrated author who dealt with complex issues of sexuality and relationships within the black community.

Click here to go to NoveList, where you can read more about Harris and get great recommendations for read-a-likes.

Click here to see a booklist of his works carried by the Cecil County Public Library.

Were you an E. Lynn Harris fan? Leave a comment!

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