September 8th, 2009

What (Movie) Scares You Most?

President Franklin D. Roosevelt said, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself,” referring to the mood of the country in 1933.  Today we sometimes are fearful of life – without work, without money, without medicine, without love and care, without friends….  We cope with these fears (some days better than others) routinely and rationally.

But never fear—the Halloween season is upon us and we are encouraged to fear with complete abandon for a change!

Watching a classic or contemporary horror movie and scaring yourself silly (for 90 minutes or so) is like a safety valve.  We screech, let off some “fear steam,” and feel better.

So the library wants to know what movies scare you most?  What’s your #1 all time scariest, creepiest favorite movie and a close runner up if you have one?

For me the answer is:  #1—“Carrie,” runner up—“Woman in Black.”  Please post your responses!

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September 1st, 2009

You Say You Want a Revolution…

I recently had the incredible opportunity to see the legendary Paul McCartney in concert at RFK stadium in Washington, D.C. alongside 50,000 screaming fans, reminiscent of The Beatles’ final U.S. tour and stop at the capital city in 1966 (tickets were $4 then…mine was a bit more). Though I always claimed to be a John Lennon kind of girl—edgy, rebellious, with a healthy dose of ego—I was totally blown away, enchanted even, by this kinder, gentler Beatle. The experience had me thinking about the utter legacy the Beatles left behind—my father commented I was lucky to see McCartney, who in his opinion is the last remaining Beatle—“Ringo doesn’t count,” he said. “He was just lucky.”

Rolling Stone reported that according to the Pew Research Center, shared love of the Beatles’ music helped to bridge the generation gap in America, creating precious common ground between teenagers and their parents. “[This study]…revealed how much the Beatles continue to shape our world. Every age group surveyed from age 16 through 64 listens to rock & roll more than any other format—and the Beatles rank in the top four among every age group.”

That certainly proved to be true at CCPL’s recent End of Summer Band Night, where over 200 kids, teens, and adults flocked to the library for great live music. Supported by the Friends of the Library, the band night was a way to celebrate the accomplishments of everyone who participated in our Summer Reading Program. A favorite of the night, of course, was the Beatles’ “Revolution.”

We know the library offers so much in the way of books and of course, outstanding service. But the library also offers an outstanding music collection, where you can check out anything from the Beatles to Johnny Cash to Mozart. Visit this link to see what’s playing in the CD players of our Perryville staff. While you’re at it, tell us what music you can’t live without. In no particular order, this librarian (when she’s not reading) can’t live without:

1. The Beatles
2. Fleetwood Mac
3. Joni Mitchell
4. Prince
5. Led Zeppelin
6. Stevie Nicks
7. Otis Redding
8. Pearl Jam
9. Sheryl Crow
10. The Foo Fighters

What’s your list?

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