November 16th, 2009

Team Edward or Team Jacob?

This week the second book in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight series, New Moon, hits the big screen! What could be more complicated than dating a vampire? How about finding out that your best friend is a werewolf who’s in love with you and that his wolf pack hates your boyfriend? Talk about relationship issues! New Moon proved to be a dividing point among Stephenie Meyer fans, with everyone taking sides as to whom they felt Bella should end up with at the end: Edward or Jacob.  One side favors true love and destiny, the other what some feel is a healthier (and living) relationship.

Whether or not you’re fan of the series, Twilight helped to usher in the new wave of popular vampire fiction.  Teens and adults both have their pick of series, several of which have been adapted into popular TV shows.  Love them or hate them, vampires are everywhere these days.

Each series presents a unique take on the vampire lore itself.  Some vampires are traditionally created or brought over, others are fallen angels searching for redemption, and still others selected to be vampires by a higher power.  There are socialites, recluses, daytime vampires, night dwellers, and some even sparkle in the sun. The histories and methods to deter or kill vampires are as varied as the vampires themselves, with each author providing his or her own legends and background.

If you’re in the mood to try a new vampire book, check out this booklist from one of our staff members for suggestions.

What are your thoughts on the vampire craze sweeping through pop culture and literature? Are you planning to see the movie due out this week? Of course, the more important question is:
“Team Edward or Team Jacob?”

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November 9th, 2009

We’ve Gotta Do Something

Although Aldous Snow is a memorable character of Forgetting Sarah Marshall for his candid reflections on life, love and the ladies, his anthem “We’ve Gotta Do Something” featured in the movie really resonates with the volunteers of CCPL.  Over the last year, 200 people from all over Cecil County (and a few from Delaware and Pennsylvania) donated over 2000 hours of service to our library.  We have dedicated team members from ages 14 to 82.  This proves that ordinary people really can do extraordinary things when given the proper tools.

CCPL’s tool belt is not filled with hammers and screwdrivers but books, scissors and smiles.   Our volunteers play a vital role in helping the library run smoothly on a daily basis.  They provide valuable support and assistance to the CCPL staff. It’s a common misconception that we librarians have nothing better to do than sit and read while we’re at work.  This is most definitely not true. We’re planning programs, reviewing resumes and answering countless reference questions.  Without our volunteers we’d have to set up some cots in the back just to catch a little shut eye here and there.  They are irreplaceable members of our library team.

Here at the library, there are several different volunteer positions open at all of CCPL’s branches.  If you have a great eye for detail and maybe an affinity for numbers, become an Adopt-A-Shelf Assistant.   If you have experience with children and love creating crafts, our Helping Hands Aide position is for you.  If you love people and enjoy letting them know about all the services the library has to offer, you would be an ideal candidate for a Lobby Ambassador or Shelf Check Assistant.  There’s something for everyone at CCPL!

If you can’t make into the library on a regular basis but still want to help, you might want to look into becoming a Book Buddy or Story Circle Leader.  Our Book Buddies deliver library materials every three weeks to a county resident who is homebound or facility-bound.  This is a great way to provide library services to someone who needs them most.  Story Circle Leaders visit nursing homes, assisted living homes, adult daycare centers, or senior apartment complexes throughout the county.  The volunteer then leads a lively themed discussion with small groups of seniors.

These are just a few examples of all the different volunteer positions available at CCPL.  Click here for a full listing of volunteer positions.  If you want to apply for any of these positions, please print out a volunteer application and return it to any CCPL branch!

Check out these pictures from our recent Volunteer Breakfast.

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