March 1st, 2010

Book Mate, Check Mate

Have you ever wanted your own personal shopper? I always imagined it would be wonderful to have someone else save me time and effort by slogging through all the many available choices I am not interested in, and clueing me in to the ones that fit with my own tastes.  If that sounds good to you, the library is the place to go.  While we won’t be picking out your next pair of artificially distressed jeans, we can help you out in the book department.    Whether you ran out of books by your favorite author or you just want to try something new, we can help.  Get your mouse moving to the ‘Great Reads’ tab on our website.  Click on the ‘I Need a Recommendation’ tab and there you will find the link to the library’s personal book-shopping service called Book Mate.  Fill out the short form and a librarian will suggest four compatible titles based on your responses.  You can get your results by e-mail or pick them up at your local branch.  If you get through your first four you are welcome to fill the form out again and get more suggestions.  As always, the best part of a library shopping spree is the titles we suggest are free to try with your library card.

If you would prefer to do your own book shopping we have some great options to help you do that as well.  Check out what librarians are reading in our ‘Staff Recommendations’ page.  You can use the checked boxes on the side to narrow down the choices to just the kind of books you like to read.  Find a book you love?  Click on the librarians name to see a list of other books that person has reviewed.   We have also made some fun lists on our ‘Selected Lists’ page.  Check out a category that interests you, like fiction books set during the civil war, the zombie zoo, or true stories about wilderness survival.  Did you know you can add comments to books listed on our website?  Let other readers know what you think by clicking on the add comment button that looks like a speech bubble, just like the one under this blog.  The stars under a book are also clickable, so add your two cents and help other readers find the good stuff.

For even more book choices you can try out our two databases.  You can find them on the ‘I Need a Recommendation’ page.  Novelist and Books and Authors let you look up information on your favorite book or author, and suggestions of other similar authors or titles.  They also have great lists and articles to help you find the perfect read.  Don’t forget your library card; you will need the number on the back to log into these sites.

There is one more very important source for great reading recommendations:  your local librarian!  We are always happy to talk books or help you navigate any of our great resources for readers, so stop by and see us.   Are you already a book shopping expert?  How do you like to find your next good book?

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