November 21st, 2016

Stress-Relief Tips for Teens @ Your Library

yoga-1284657_640Teens are busier than ever. When a typical day begins with a rushed early morning routine, a day full of classes, extra-curricular activities and part-time jobs, and then the day ends with homework when they finally do get home, it’s no wonder more teens are feeling stressed.

What can we do to reduce stress and improve the quality of life for our teens?  First, prioritize!  Decide which activities must stay and allot an appropriate amount of time for each.  Once you have a reasonable schedule, try some of the following tips to minimize stress.

Promote Problem Solving Skills – Attending library programs for teens, such as Game On! or the recent Escape Room Challenges, provides opportunities for teens to interact in a fun and stress-free environment. Visit our website for a complete list of programs and classes for all ages.

Make Time for Physical Exercise – Download a favorite book or music to listen to while walking the dog or biking in the park.

Practice Relaxation Strategies – A few easy ones to start with are meditating, playing with a pet, sipping tea or soaking in a warm bath. The Perryville Branch Library has a DIY Bath Bombs program on December 1st<, and CCPL offers an extensive collection of crafting books and digital magazines for more ideas.

Eat well – Eat a variety of fresh foods as close to their natural state as possible. Need suggestions? Check out our large variety of cookbooks from the library, such as The Cookbook for Teens or Students go Vegan Cookbook.

Get Plenty of Sleep – Teenagers need more than 9 hours of sleep every night for optimal functioning.  Need a book for bedtime reading? Visit our teen page for recommendations:

Cecil County Public Library has numerous resources for learning more about stress-relief techniques for all ages. Visit our library’s online resources, or visit or call one of our branches, and our librarians will be happy to assist you in your search.

November 14th, 2016

Harry Potter


I grew up with Harry Potter. I was enduring adolescence with the reassurance that at least there would always be a Harry Potter book (or movie) to look forward to. When Harry Potter was going through his adolescent angst, I was right there with him. I can’t say I really understood what it was like defeating a Dark Lord, but I’d like to think SATs and college applications were equally draining. And then it was over. I’m sure everyone remembers–or knows someone–who went through the “post-Potter depression” that occurred after the last book.

But my generation isn’t the only one who grew up with Harry Potter. I see young kids picking up the first book for the first time, older couples grabbing the audiobook for a road trip– people are still growing up with the Boy Who Lived, and it’s as popular as ever.

Some fans are annoyed that JK Rowling is still writing about Harry Potter and didn’t like the Cursed Child script that came out last summer. These fans want the series to be crystallized in memory as being just the seven books. But I embrace it. How could I not be thrilled to be once again immersed in the Harry Potter universe? I know it will never be like the original seven books, but I look forward to the new movies and the spin-offs.

To celebrate the film release of “Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them,” based on JK Rowling’s book of the same title, CCPL is hosting events in November! On Wednesday, November 16th, the Elkton Central Library is hosting two off-site events. Dr. Bernard McKenna, a University of Delaware professor, will give a talk on “Spellcasting in Harry Potter” at 6 pm. After the talk, there will be a Harry Potter Trivia game. Both events will take place at Minihane’s in downtown Elkton.


For the teen crowd, come to Potter-Con! Make a wand, play quidditch, have some butterbeer. Costumes are definitely encouraged. Potter-Con will take place at Elkton Central Library on Nov. 17th, 4-6pm, and at Chesapeake City Branch Library on Nov. 29th, 4-6pm.

If you can’t make it to any of the events, stop by your nearest CCPL branch and pick up a Harry Potter DVD, book, or audiobook to remind yourself of why it’s one of the bestselling series of all time.

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