April 11th, 2014

Lives Change @ Your Library – Celebrate National Library Week April 13-19

Thomas Cousar PER 2014_1 - Copy_1First sponsored in 1958, National Library Week is a national observance sponsored by the American Library Association (ALA) and libraries across the country each April. This year’s theme is “Lives Change @ Your Library.”  We’re excited to share with you how lives change at Cecil County Public Library, right in our own community.

Thomas fell on hard times after leaving the military, including a period of homelessness. When he came to the Perry Point VA hospital, he discovered computer classes specifically for veteransChristian Cholish with quote space_1 at the Perryville Branch Library. He learned how to create an email account, use the internet and apply for jobs online. He has since been hired by the VA and works to help fellow vets gain computer skills.

Christian started volunteering at the Elkton Central Library a few years ago and the experience made a profound difference in his life. He writes, “At the library, opportunities abound for both character and community. Here, young people like me expand themselves by reaching out and giving back. In programs, in volunteering positions, and of course in YA social spaces, we are challenged to learn, to lead, and to find ourselves. For all of my growth and success, I owe the library enormous credit.”  His volunteer work was so impressive, it led to a paid position as a shelving clerk. He is graduating with honors this year
and has been accepted early admission to a prestigious college.Bookmobile - Hollingsworth Manor Mar 2014

Our community cherishes our bookmobile service because it visits communities in which many residents have limited access to transportation. The bookmobile brings library services to schools, Head Start centers, Boys & Girls Clubs and other community meeting places.  Many families visit the bookmobile regularly because without a car, it’s their only connection for getting books.

Many parents worry about getting their childrenConklin family baby with card_1 ready to start school, but Mark and Crystal were a little surprised when their pediatrician strongly recommended reading to their newborn each day.  Through fun storytime programs at Cecil County Public Library, they learned how early childhood learning, starting at birth, is critical for school readiness.  They were thrilled to find out that baby Ellie could get her very own library card and they feel proud to be investing in their daughter’s future by teaching her a love of learning.

Jerome may be one of our most extreme library users ever! After a fire destroyed his vehicle, he salvaged his library card and continued to use it until the bar code could longer be scanned.  He was sad to give up his card because it showed how important the library was in his life.  We got him a new card – and he let us hold on to the burnt one as a great reminder of how important Cecil County Public Library is to so many citizens.Burnt Library Card

Celebrate National Library Week by stopping by your local branch this week or visiting a new one. And don’t miss our Facebook and Twitter feeds for more life-changing stories and trivia this week – you could even win a prize by submitting your “Extreme Library User” story.  Whether it’s how long you’ve had your card, how many books you check out, or how the library has made a profound difference in your life, we want to hear your “Extreme Library User” story!  Post your story here, on our social media accounts, or send to webmaster@ccplnet.org by 4/19 for a chance to win.

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April 7th, 2014

Cecilwood 2014: What Inspires You?

cecilwood 2014 film festivalMatt starts typing.

Close-up of his fingers skipping across the keys. Hard cut to profile, mid-shot. The room is black except for his face, aglow in the light from the computer monitor. Slam zoom to an extreme close-up, inches away from his twitching eyes. The keys clatter faster. Cut to the computer screen, letters and words appear, chasing the cursor across the screen. Drums pounding. The deadline is coming! Closer! Closer!

Overhead shot of Matt pressing the “ENTER” key. He holds his breath. The e-mail has been sent. The battle, for now, is over. He exhales. Violins swell, weeping for a moment, and dissipate. Wide shot of Matt collapsing back into his chair, at last able to relax.

Pretty cool, right? Now imagine if that was on actual film.

The 5th Annual Cecilwood Film Festival is the perfect place to share your talents with other film enthusiasts. This year, interested teens between the ages of 10 and 18 must submit their 5-minute-or-less project by May 1st at 8:30PM to any Cecil County Branch library. This year’s theme is “Inspired by ________.” Participants must choose a person, place, thing, or concept that they find inspiring and portray that inspiration in their film. You can do a comedy, an animation, a drama, a documentary, or a public service announcement, just to name a few. There is a screening of all the films at the Elkton Central Library on May 15th at 6:30PM, but remember—you have to submit your film on a flash drive with all the pertinent paperwork by May 1st! Contact any branch for more information or click here. Gift cards will be awarded for first, second, and third places, as well as an “Editor’s Choice Award,” compliments of the Cecil Whig newspaper.

So get busy! I can’t wait to find out… what inspires you?

Mr. Matt, YA Librarian and movie lover
North East Branch

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