September 3rd, 2013

The 1960s – Decade of Change

Sixties Series Program thumbThe 1960s – what can you say about such a turbulent, chaotic, exhilarating, tragic decade?

If you were alive then, you likely remember where you were when President Kennedy, Martin Luther King, and Robert Kennedy were assassinated.  Perhaps you remember the 1961 inaugural broadcast of Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color in LIVING COLOR (if you were lucky enough to have a color TV).  I remember the first time I heard the Beatles singing “I Want to Hold Your Hand” on the radio and thought, “What was that? They’ll never make it big in the USA.”  (And, oh, that long hair!) The emergency plan for my elementary school during the Cuban Missile Crisis was for students to walk a mile home should missiles come streaking toward our city.  Who thought that up?

Vietnam unfolded in front of us on the nightly news and the American flag unfurled on the moon after years of doubt and effort.  The march for civil rights by African Americans culminated in the landmark Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the death of Martin Luther King.  It was a decade of contrasts:  great tragedies and great triumphs; British pop music versus the anti-war music of Americans Bob Dylan and Joan Baez; hippies versus the “Establishment”; Pulitzer Prize-winning, powerfully moving “To Kill a Mockingbird” verses the bestselling pulp novel, “Valley of the Dolls.” Roger Maris hit 61 home runs without the use of performance enhancing drugs while psychedelic drugs tuned others out.

CCPL will explore many of the triumphs and tragedies of that decade in its new events series, “The 1960s.” From Ford Mustangs, muscle cars and pop culture to the Cuban Missile Crisis, Vietnam and Kennedy, we will return to a decade where everything changed.  Click here to see a complete listing of the events we’re offering and call 410-996-5600 ext. 481 to sign up.  What program are you looking forward to the most?

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August 5th, 2013

Free Bluegrass Concert this Saturday

At first glance, you might not think that my husband and I would be avid bluegrass fans.  We are young and tattooed and don’t fit the stereotypical country look. Nevertheless, we are huge music fans and bluegrass songs are always a favorite.

Just last weekend, we saw Old Crow Medicine Show perform at the Wilmington Opera House. As I looked around the tightly-packed theater, I was reminded of why I love bluegrass music so much. It warms my heart to see all different kinds of people, from ages 7 to 77, clapping and stomping to this uniquely American music.

If you haven’t discovered bluegrass yet or if you’re already a big fan, don’t miss the opportunity to see it performed LIVE this Saturday at the Elkton Central Library on August 10 at 7pm. Dean Sapp and the Harford Express will be playing and talking about the history of bluegrass along with local bluegrass band, Blades of Grass.   This will be a fun, free event for all ages. Space is filling fast, so be sure to call and reserve your seat.

For those that already love bluegrass, what’s your favorite band or artist?

Bluegrass Heritage Concert

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