July 20th, 2015


everyday-heroes-signWith this year’s Summer Reading theme of “Every Hero Has a Story,” we will take time to reflect on what a hero is. The concept of a hero is an ever-changing one in our society. For small children, the only reference point of hero is what they see on television and in video games such as Spiderman and Batman. For elderly adults, it may be the person who takes them to the store or spends time with them.

Teenagers, however, may find it harder to identify a hero as they are in the middle-ground between childhood and adulthood. There are many gray areas— what can you do, what can’t you do, what do you believe in, what don’t you believe in, who are your friends, where do you belong—so many questions! All of these uncertainties make it difficult to define a hero.

Teenagers lose their sense of awe in the extraordinary. They may find it hard to suspend reality and view their childhood “heroes” in that capacity any longer. In addition, they are too cool to think of a parent or community helper, such as a police officer, as a hero. Often, teens will look at other outside sources for motivation and hero-worship. You may ask your teen who their hero is and often be answered with the latest music artist or sports personality. In some respects, this may be a viable hero. In others, maybe not so much!

As we take time to reflect on what a hero is to each of us, we note that heroes can take on many different shapes, sizes, and incarnations. Children, teens, and adults can find plenty of inspiration at the library. We have books, movies, and programs that provide access to traditional “super” heroes as well as other non-traditional heroes such as animal search and rescue heroes, military heroes, and everyday heroes who have overcome extreme obstacles.

Perryville Branch Library is hosting a teen program on Thursday, July 23rd at 3 PM called “Heroes Among Us”. Teens will be asked what the word “hero” means to them and challenged to identify a hero of their own. Teens will participate in games and activities to explore heroism and discuss ways that real-life heroes differ from heroes we see in books, movies, and comics.

So think about it….who is YOUR everyday hero?

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May 26th, 2015

CCPL Summer Reading 2015: Every Hero Has a Story

Superhero!“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself.”
― Joseph Campbell

This is your official call to adventure!   Should you accept the challenge, you will conquer your fears, come face to face with friends and foes, and claim the treasures that await you on your hero’s journey…

The concept of “The Hero’s Journey,” first identified by mythologist Joseph Campbell as it relates to world myths and stories, is based on the belief that each person is born with a purpose and it is our deepest desire to express it.  We are each the hero of our own life’s story.

“Every Hero Has a Story” is the theme for this year’s Summer Reading Program at public libraries across the nation.  It is an invitation to readers of all ages to participate in unique reading and learning opportunities at every library and be richly rewarded!

Thanks to the heroic support of the Cecil County Friends of the Library, powerful programming is planned at every branch.  From Spiderman to local K-9 police dogs, from George Washington to family farmers, celebrated stories of heroes past, present, and future will be spotlighted.

Be amazed and delighted by Mike Rose’s “Super Magic,  go face-to-face with sharks thanks to the National Aquarium, bring favorite nursery rhyme heroes and heroines to life with Winterthur Museum,  create hands-on “super art” with the Delaware Art Museum and train to be a future hero with martial artist Josh Hayhurst.   All library branches will offer an action-packed line-up of early childhood classes, school-age activities, STEM and lots more for teens and adults!

Educators agree that reading is integral to success in school and in life.  To encourage everyone to keep reading throughout the summer months, incentive programs are offered at all levels from babies through adult.  Parents are encouraged to enroll younger children in “read-to-me”; older readers can track time spent reading and all receive fantastic prizes and coupons and earn chances to enter grand prize raffles for scooters, Orioles tickets, family fun baskets, gift cards and more!

The action officially begins June 1 and runs through August 8.   Most branches will host Summer Reading Blast-off events on June 6 packed with superheroes, a Comic-con, environmental heroes, crafts, refreshments, and program registration.  Contact your local branch for details and leap into your library to live out your own hero’s story!

Who is your favorite hero?

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