May 24th, 2011

Summer Reading, Take Me Away…

CB052871There are so many places in this big wide world I would like to see and things I’d like to do…and almost as many things to limit my opportunities—limited vacation time, money, skills, not to mention the “get up and go” required.  Travel and opportunity has never been so easily accessible to the masses, but for many, it still exists more as a dream than reality.

For me, the beauty of the library is the way it can extend one’s view of the horizon and also allow one to dive into the depths of the human soul.  Check out the right book, magazine, or movie, and you can be magically transported to other places, other times, even to “other lives.”  This year’s summer reading theme, “One World, Many Stories” celebrates the universal while recognizing the uniqueness of the individual.

Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world.

Now, this is not to instigate a debate over the merits of one over another.  Rather, it is an invitation to embrace the world you imagine.  For many of us, summer promises freedom….from school, work (well, maybe a week or two), heavy clothes, heating bills, shoes and socks, etc.  Let the library’s summer reading program guide you to a place where you are free to dream, learn, explore, and experience new and uncharted territory.  Summer vacationers of all ages can embark on voyages of their dreams and the only ticket required is a library card; the only passport needed—imagination.

Between June 1 and August 1, the library offers reading incentive programs for all, from babies to babushkas.  Adults can explore Novel Destinations; teens—You are Here; and One World, Many Stories for young children.

Don’t fret if you’re missing out on the African safari this summer or won’t be going walkabout in the land down under.  The library staff, with support from The  Friends of the Library, have arranged to bring the sights, sounds, and flavors of the world to you.  From the mountains to the prairies, Didgeridoos to shaker eggs, and French crepes to tacos—widen your world at your library.

Visit your neighborhood branch or look online for a calendar or events, or click here to register for summer reading.

What’s the voyage our your dreams this summer? Leave us a comment and we’ll suggest a few items from our collection that can get you started on your journey!

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August 17th, 2010

Adult Summer Reading – Our Best Year Yet!

This June, CCPL invited its patrons on a literary cruise around the world.  No area was too remote, no port of call too exotic.  Our patrons cruised along to places like the South Carolina Low Country, the Mexican Peninsula, the World’s Fair and even to Imperial Japan.

And the mercury rising outside wasn’t the only thing hitting an all-time high this summer.  From June 1st to July 31st, over 1,300 adults in Cecil County cruised to thousands of literary destinations aboard the U.S.S. Summer Reading by participating in the 2010 Adult Summer Reading Program.  That’s a 130% increase in participation from our 2009 sign-ups!  In total, our patrons read 6,575 books in just 2 months!  That’s an average of 821 books a week.

And for all your “hard” work vacationing to these literary lands, you were amply rewarded.  Congratulations to Nancy, Derek, Morgan and Cindy, our Grand Prize winners!  Just for reading, they took home Hershey Park tickets, a summertime survival kit, a gardener’s toolkit, and a Visa gift card.  Although the summer may be ending and the cruise ship is docked, you can embark on a cruise of your own any time of the year.  Just let your library card be your passport!

Did you escape to any great literary destinations this summer?  Tell us where you went!

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