Man camp : a novel

Adrienne Brodeur.

Lucy, a biologist studying patterns of sexual selection, knows male animals will go to any length to attract females. So, what went wrong with the males of New York City? There's Adam, Lucy's boyfriend, who can't build a fire or jump-start a car, and there's a very long list of men with whom Lucy's best friend Martha has endured the torments of a first date. On the other hand, there's Lucy's old friend Cooper. Born and bred on his family's dairy farm, he is The Perfect Gentleman. Surely, think Martha and Lucy, the men they know would benefit from the tutelage of someone so steeped in the lost arts of gallantry, chivalry, and masculinity. Thus Man Camp is born. With a little feminine persuasion, Lucy and Martha convince a handful of their male acquaintances to visit Cooper's farm. In the process of teaching these city slickers how to "be men," they learn a good bit about life and love themselves.



On the FarmPosted March 26, 2010

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