Roald Dahl. Pictures by Quentin Blake.

It was the BFG-the Big Friendly Giant-who kidnaps Sophie from her bed in the orphanage and takes her back to Giantland with him lest she tell everyone that she has seen a giant. There she meets nine other Giants, Fleshlumpeater, Bonecrusher, Gizzardgulper, Bloodbottler-a whole beastly crew-all much bigger than the BFG, and much, much meaner. Every night the BFG catches dreams in a long-handled net and blows the good ones into little children's minds as they sleep, while the other Giants are busy racing off to various parts of the world to eat "human beans." How the BFG and Sophie conspire to put an end to the loathsome activities of the other Giants is a marvelously original and funny story, told by one of the best-known, best-loved writers for children, Roald Dahl. Quentin Blake's delightful black-and-white line drawings depict all the humor and action of Dahl's wonderful tale. Book jacket.


Jennifer CarterPosted March 11, 2009