Sometimes I Like To Curl Up in a Ball

written by Vicki Churchill; illustrated by Charles Fuge

Sometimes I like to curl up in a ball So no one can see me because I'm so small. Little wombat spends a day doing favorite things--what could they be? Are they your favorites, too? Let's look and see! He especially enjoys walking around and around, and doing a pigeon step till he falls down. Or sticking out his pink tongue--and pulling funny faces (now that can be fun)! And maybe he'll jump just as high as he can, and see how much noise he will make when he lands. But when the day ends and the sun starts to fall...he goes back home to mama and curls into a ball. Good night! Soft-toned illustrations portray an endearing little wombat and the warm and friendly world around him--and every page is filled with charming details that stand up to repeat viewings: cute mice, rabbits and turtles peering from behind tall grass, marching pigeons, and a menagerie of other adorable animals. The images, along with the lyrically rhyming text, combine to make a sweet-spirited bedtime story to ease young ones to sleep.


Allison HolbrookPosted September 1, 2010

What do you like to do for fun?  This little wombat shows how much fun it can be to jump really high or stand still as a tree.  Get messy and loud or make funny faces with little wombat and his adorable friends.  There are cute little ...

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Little CrittersPosted September 17, 2010