Igraine the Brave

by Cornelia Funke

Princess Igraine dreams of becoming a famous knight, but life at the family castle is actually kind of boringÂ?until the nefarious nephew of the baroness next door shows up. HeÂ?s got a dastardly plan to capture the castle and claim the singing spell books that belong to IgraineÂ?s mom and dadÂ?both magicians. To make matters worse, on the eve of the siege, her parents misspeak a spell and turn themselves into pigs! Aided by a Gentle Giant, a Sorrowful Knight, her talking cat Sisyphus, and her bumbling brother Albert, can Igraine find the courage to save the dayÂ?and the books?


Allison HolbrookPosted September 15, 2010

Twelve year old Igraine only wants to be a brave knight.  With a family of magicians, she finally gets her chance when a spell goes horribly wrong and their castle is under attack by the evil Osmund.  Igraine valiantly sets off to protect t...

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