Scene of the Crime

Malcolm Rose

A dead body in a railroad yard, a teenagerâ??s diary, security-camera footage, maps, interviews, and forensic evidenceâ?¦ does it all add up to murder? And more importantly, is Amanda, the diaryâ??s author, the prime suspect or isthere another killer on the loose? The reader becomes the forensic investigator in this innovative, interactive whodunit thatâ??s full of real science and packed with eye-popping artwork by one of todayâ??s sharpest graphic illustrators. As the mystery unfolds, readers look for clues hiding on multiple levels within the story and check their results against the Crime File, which contains the investigating teamâ??s notes on the case. As they progress deeper and deeper into the book, they get closer to uncovering the truth.


Carolyn StepnitzPosted September 16, 2010

TV shows have familiarized us with crime scene investigations, but ever wonder what really happens in a true crime scene investigation?  In this interactive book, you get to solve the crime while learning about DNA evidence, suspect interviews, ...

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