Orangutans are Ticklish

Jill Davis; photographs by Steve Grubman

In this knockout book of animal photographs, perfect for the youngest animal lover, you'll discover all sorts of things. Did you know that orangutans areticklish? Yes, they are-just like you and me. But be careful if you ever see a hippo yawning. It doesn't mean he's sleepy-it means he wants to fight. The gorgeous up-close pictures and fascinating facts are complemented by behind-the-scenes peeks at how animal photographs are taken. (For instance, photographer Steve Grubman once had to lull a cow to sleep with soft music!) Animal lovers, young scientists, and budding photographers will all adore this beautiful nonfiction book.


Rachel WrightPosted September 20, 2010

Did you know that a hippo has special webbed toes to help support his enormous body which can way up to 10,000 pounds?  This is just one of the truly fascinating facts that readers will find in this visually appealing book.  Photographer, S...

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