Mine all mine

Adam Davies.

"Otto Starks is a "pulse" - a highly specialized security guard who has hyperdeveloped senses and a nervous habit of popping tabs of cyanide. Otto was once a rising star but then he was rolled three times by the notorious Rat Burglar. Now, demoted and dangerously in debt to a loan shark, all he has left is Charlie Izzo, the woman he loves. Unfortunately, she is also the Rat Burglar's zealous advocate. That's bad enough. But then Otto gets robbed yet again and the cops pronounce him the prime suspect. When Charlie disappears and Otto becomes a fugitive, he realizes that the Rat Burglar has stolen much more from him than art. And to get it back he must break the law he has devoted his life to upholding. A thriller about deception, betrayal, and ownership - in art and in love - Mine All Mine is also a quirky and hilarious romantic comedy."--BOOK JACKET.


Megan WillanPosted April 7, 2009

Otto Starks is a Pulse, a security guard with exceptional abilities that include sitting still for days without falling asleep, extra sensitive hearing, and the ability to consume toxins.  Despite his exceptional abilities, in Mine All Mine by A...

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