Still life : adventures in taxidermy

Melissa Milgrom.

The bird judges argued and squawked until their eyes landed on a mount that left everyone speechless. It wasn't something regal and symbolic like a bald eagle or exotic like a brilliantly plumed macaw, but two English tree sparrows one protecting its nest from the other a subtle narrative with a delightful mise en scene. Bird droppings indicated that the sparrows inhabited the area. A feather in one sparrow's beak animated the process of buildingg a nest. Crouching down to see it from all sides, the judges detected not a single flaw. "The sideshow is three hundred sixty degrees," they agreed, gazing into the little world before them as if it were alive. Book jacket.


Angela PrandiniPosted November 3, 2010

"Ugh! That's dead!" I shrieked when we came upon a sleeping foxhound. The dog was curled up near a radiator. It looked so peaceful, so alive, that I petted it to be sure. It was as hard as fiberglass."

I don't know about you, but for me any mention ...

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