The Kennedy curse : why America's first family has been haunted by tragedy for 150 years

Edward Klein.

A subject of endless public attention and fascination, the Kennedy family remains the most blessed-and perhaps the most cursed-of any American family. Edward Klein, already renowned for his eye-opening and revelatory Kennedy por-traits All Too Human and Just Jackie, now delves deep into the misfortunes of the Kennedys, developing the premise that a curse has plagued them for centuries. Starting with Patrick in Ireland in 1834, Klein traces the family's mis-fortunes to the modern era, discussing both little-known and notorious subjects such as: -Joseph Kennedy's political and social machinations -John Jr.'s relationship with his fragile, troubled wife Carolyn Bessette -Jackie's anxieties about her children's problems and her almost pathological fear for their safety -The most recent theories in genetic analysis, and how the 'thrill-seeking' gene may afflict the family. In a penetrating, compulsively readable way, Klein once again offers up a fascinating analysis of this American dynasty.


Kathy StyerPosted November 3, 2010

Well, the Kennedy myth of magical nobility is effectively exploded in this book! Starting with Patrick Kennedy, through his children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren, this book presents the Kennedy clan as narcissistic and morally bankrupt da...

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