11 Birthdays

by Wendy Mass

Turning eleven is normally something to beexcited about. And, normally, Amanda would be,except that her mom just lost her job; her oldersister Kylie is impossible; her best friend hasdecided that trying out for the gymnastics teamwill pave their way to popularity (even thoughAmanda canÂ?t do a back handspring to save herlife); and her other best friend (well, ex-bestfriend) Leo, with whom she shares a birthday, ishaving a separate birthday party this year for thefirst time since, well, forever.When Amanda wakes up the day after herbirthday, glad to have it behind her, she canÂ?tunderstand why her mom and dad are singingÂ?Happy BirthdayÂ? to her. She thinks itÂ?s a joke. Oris it? Only time, friendship, and the


Tracy AlexanderPosted November 29, 2010

What would you do if you kept reliving the same day over and over again?  Leo and Amanda share the same birthday, but they are not twins, they are not even related.  However, they have spent every birthday together since their first birthda...

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