The Lost Key: A Mystery With Whole Numbers

story by Melinda Thielbar; art by Tintin Pantoja

At Sifu Faizas Kung Fu School, kids learn to be strong and fast. They also learn to be smart, cool-headed, and honest. So Joy, Adam, Sam, and Amy are surprised when the key to the school is stolenas well as all their kung fu gear. Now theyll have to use all kinds of calculationsaddition, subtraction, multiplication, and divisionto figure out the clues, follow the thieves, and findThe Lost Key.


Allison HolbrookPosted July 13, 2013

This series features a Kung Fu class that solves mysteries using calculations with money, time and temperature, measurements and other every day math topics.  In this first book and with the help of their "Sifu" or teacher, these stude...

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