Nail the job interview! : 101 dynamite answers to interview questions

Caryl and Ron Krannich.

Interviews don't just count - they count the most. Regardless of how well you write resumes and letters, conduct research, and network for job leads, you simply must do well in the face-to-face job interview if you are to get the job offer. But conducting an interview is easier said than done. Your initial surge of joy in getting the interview may quickly turn into a case of sweaty palms, dry mouth, churning stomach, and wobbly knees. Using an employer-centered approach, this book tells you how to nail the job interview by being prepared to respond well to critical interview questions. Outlining 101 questions and corresponding answers, it shows how to anticipate questions, develop thoughtful and compelling answers, focus on accomplishments, ask intelligent questions, and handle the interview situation with ease and confidence.


Laura MetzlerPosted December 27, 2010

So you have an elevated heart rate, butterflies in the stomach and sweaty palms. No, you're not at a scary movie; you're at a job interview! Job interviews can be a nerve-wracking, daunting experience, especially if you go in unprepared. Nail the ...

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