The dying breath : a forensic mystery

by Alane Ferguson.

Cameryn's ex-boyfriend is back . . . and ready to kill! Cameryn had thought she was in love with him. He was smart, strong, and would do anything for her - even kill. Kyle O'Neil disappeared after his first attempt on Cameryn's life at the end of The Angel of Death. Now he is back for his second. He's leaving macabre love notes for her everywhere - on her computer, on her cell phone, and on the body of a dead man. And while everyone is determined to keep Cameryn safe, only she knows that it's up to her to keep Kyle from killing again and again. Alane Ferguson delivers her most gripping Forensic Mystery yet!


Brandy WaltonPosted February 25, 2011

Are you a fan of Bones, CSI, or even House on TV? I know I am! I used to watch a show called Crossing Jordan with a young woman who was a forensic pathologist and she would use her knowledge to work with the police to solve interesting and confusing ...

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