Richard Price.

Award-winning author Richard Price offers a viscerally affecting and accomplished portrait of inner-city America.Veteran homicide detective Rocco Klein's passion for the job gave way long ago. His beat is a rough New Jersey neighborhood where the drug murders blur together ... until the day Victor Dunham -- a twenty-year-old with a steady job and a clean record -- confesses to a shooting outside a fast-food joint. It doesn't take long for Rocco's attention to turn to Victor's brother, a street-corner crack dealer named Strike who seems a more likely suspect for the crime. At once an intense mystery, and a revealing study of two men on opposite sides of an unwinnable war, "Clockers" is a stunningly well-rendered chronicle of modern life on the streets.


David HealeyPosted March 22, 2011

"The Wire" on DVD has a very loyal following here at the library. Set in Baltimore, the series from writer/producer David Simon follows the drug trade from the perspective of police, dealers, journalists and politicians. Those who can't get enough of...

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