Capt. Hook: The Adventures of a Villainous Youth

by J.V. Hart ; illustrated by Brett Helquist.

J.V. Hart tells us the "real" story of Captain Jas. Hook, a young boy without a mother who attends Eton and then is sent off to sea by his neglectful father. When James Matthew arrives at Eton, the most prestigious school in England, he finds that fitting in will be more difficult than he had imagined. With his long black curls, a shadowy family tree, and an affinity for pet spiders, James bears little resemblance to his starched--collar, blue--blooded peers. When James decides to make a name for himself, he stops at nothing to become the most notorious student to ever curse the halls of Eton. For King Jas., sword fighting, falling in love with a Greek princess and turning tradition on its head are all in a day's skullduggery. But when he sets sail on a ship with a mysterious mission, Jas.'s dream of life on the high sea quickly turns into an unimaginable nightmare, and it's hardly good form. This tale of adventure by renowned screenwriter J. V. Hart will introduce us to the real Captain Hook.


Posted June 22, 2011

James Matthew, soon to be the infamous Captain Jas. Hook, was born of a shadowy heritage and doesn't even know who his mother is. James is sent to Eton by his father, Lord B, who wants nothing to do with him. Before sending James to Eton, Lord B forc...

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