Kitty Princess and the Newspaper Dress

Emma Carlow and Trevor Dickinson

Two talented newcomers create a funny, fractured fairy tale - and an exuberantly illustrated lesson in manners - that will amuse even the most imperious little readers. Get me the best dress in the world for Prince Quince's ball tonight. And that's an order! Kitty Princess likes to think that she's the cutest kitty in town, but really she's the rudest. Even long-suffering Fairy Godmouse has had it with her demands, and now she won't help Kitty find the perfect dress for the ball. But when Kitty stomps out into the real world, she learns to her dismay that poor etiquette won't buy the royal treatment she expects. Can anything save her from ending up a royal laughingstock?


Jennifer CarterPosted July 11, 2011

Kitty Princess is used to getting her way.  Her fairy godmouse decides one day that enough is enough.  After having to deal with the consequences of her own selfishness, see how Kitty Princess learns to be more polite and patient. more