The last explorer : Hubert Wilkins, hero of the great age of polar exploration

Simon Nasht.

This riveting biography recounts the life of the world's firsttruly modern explorer, a life of unrelenting adventure and the high dramaof polar exploration. Hubert Wilkins was the most successful explorer inhistory: no one saw with his own eyes more undiscovered land and sea.Largely self-taught, he was a celebrated reporter, pilot, spy, war hero,scientist, and adventurer. He captured in his lens war and famine, cheateddeath repeatedly, met world leaders like Lenin, Mussolini, and King GeorgeV, and circled the globe on a zeppelin. Knighted for being the first personto fly across the North Pole, Wilkins was also the first to fly in theAntarctic, discover land by airplane, and take a submarine under the Arcticice.



True Adventure TalesPosted August 8, 2011