Dialogues of the dead, or, Paronomania! : a word game for two players

Reginald Hill.

From "the master of form and sorcerer of style," comes the latest Dalziel/Pascoe challenge. In the beginning was the Word #8230; And the Word was Murder. A motorist dies after plunging off a bridge #8230; A motorcyclist is found dead after an encounter with a tree: two apparently separate tragedies. Until two Dialogues are submitted to a local literary competition claiming responsibility for the deaths. But has anybody heard the Word? When a beautiful, unscrupulous journalist meets her maker as the apparent victim of a third Dialogue, Dalziel and Pascoe find themselves embroiled in a deadly duel of wits against a killer known only as the Wordman: a brilliant sociopath who leaves literary clues in his wake #8212; and who hides in plain sight. Contestants, are you ready? There are enough clues to weave a tapestry. But is this lethal test of wills the Wordman versus the police? Or the killer against his victims? Or is the real game between you, dear reader, and Reginald Hill himself, at the suspense master #8217;s most intriguing, most enticing, most elusive best? Let the games begin!



PuzzlemaniaPosted May 19, 2009