The Amphora Project

William Kotzwinkle.

Before they departed the known universe, the Ancient Aliens left behind the secret of immortality. Deep in the bowels of Junk Moon, a satellite of Planet Immortal, the planet's finest scientists are nearing completion of a project that will unlock that secret. Project Amphora is run by the Consortium Guard, twelve of the planet's most influential movers and shakers, including the all-seeing, all-powerful chief of intelligence, the Autonomous Observer. She isn't the only one after immortality: Commander Jockey Oldcastle, a wise-cracking rogue space pirate has heard about the Amphora Project from a banished scientist who is convinced it will lead to the end of the world. Together with his crew-- including his mutant navigator Lizardio from Planet Serpentia, his young, timid botanist Adrian Link and Link's futsy robot sidekick Upquark--he sets off to find the Amphora project. But as it nears completion, the Amphora Project begins mysteriously turning the citizens of Planet Immortal into crystal. An extra-dimensional enemy is using the Amphora Project and the promise of immortality to immobilize them and cyphon off their precious energy reserves. As time runs out, it is up to Oldcastle and his crew to stop them before their world is lost forever.



To Live ForeverPosted October 1, 2011