by Chris Lynch

It's biology vs. technology. Zane lives a life of luxury in a completely wired world. He doesn't ever have to leave his building in order to have exciting (virtual) experiences. Even his pets are wired so they can talk to him, making the master-pet bond closer than ever. There's only one problem: The device that enables pets to talk to humans is a lie. It tells the owner what he or she wants to hear#133;not what the animal really thinks. And Zane's about to have his eyes (and ears) opened to what's really going on. This means he's going to have to enter a world he's never confronted before: Nature. With wit and wisdom, award-winning author Chris Lynch takes middle-grade readers on a journey in which they'll unplug from technology, and plug into something even greater.


Tracy AlexanderPosted October 19, 2011

Zane lives in a world of technology; even he is wired himself to his room.  His room can tell him his heart rate, his glucose levels, and even the exact amount of time he has until he needs to go to the bathroom.  His dog, Hugo has a comput...

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Super Sci-FiPosted October 19, 2011