Making memory boxes : 35 beautiful projects

Anna Corba.

Say the words "memory box" and many people instantly think of shadow boxes. Not designer Anna Corba! She let her imagination run wild, went beyond the ordinary, and in the process totally redefined the tradition. Corba, author of the very successful Vintage Paper Crafts , creates romantic, charming projects that use such unexpected items as tins and wooden crates as a starting point. Outside, she decorates with buttons, polish, fabric, sheet music, stamps, and seashells; inside, she places anything that will evoke wonderful memories, including vacation souvenirs and family recipes. Among her clever ideas: "Baby's New Nest," made from a birdcage and adorned with photographs and alphabet blocks and a velvet beribboned "Opera Box" for storing cherished programs.



Crafting the Perfect HolidayPosted November 17, 2011