Bubbles : a broad

Sarah Strohmeyer.

A high-profile murder has landed at Bubbles's pretty feet. The victim: a local steel executive. The accused: his lovely wife. The weapon: cyanide-laced fingernails. If anyone can solve a well-manicured slaying like this, it's Bubbles. And nothing's going to stop her. Not even hunky photojournalist Steve Stiletto, who vows that this time, he's getting everything he wants from Bubbles. But how far is the amateur sleuth in spandex willing to go to get what she wants?


Cheryl FinnanPosted February 7, 2012

I was flailing around looking for something different to read or listen to when a fellow librarian suggested that I try "Bubbles: A Broad" by Sarah Strohmeyer. This is just one of a series of books about the crime-solving escapades of Bubbles Yablon...

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