As hot as it was you ought to thank me : a novel

Nanci Kincaid.

"Thirteen-year-old Berry Jackson has more good sense than all the Bible-thumping grown-ups in her hometown of Pinetta, Florida. In the woods behind Berry's house are the swamp and the snakes and the quicksand, where men are said to have been swallowed up whole, leaving only a hat or a handkerchief as evidence." "Pinetta is the kind of small southern town where not much happens in a day but a lot can happen in a summer. As Hot As It Was You Ought to Thank Me tells the story of the long, hot summer when Berry's father disappears, her mother lusts after the preacher, and a handsome convict comes to town to repair the dusty roads damaged by a hurricane." "Berry doesn't understand her world perfectly, but she calls things what they are - sometimes that's as much clarity as anyone should expect. In a town where everyone with a dream seems to want to flee, what Berry ultimately discovers is that you don't have to run to find yourself."--BOOK JACKET.


Ruth Ann JohnsonPosted September 4, 2013

Reminiscent of Scout in To Kill a Mockingbird, thirteen-year-old Berry tries to make sense of her family life, hometown life, and prejudices in a small town in Florida in the 1950s. She lives close to swamps, snakes, quicksand and smoldering adult re...

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