Kilo class

Patrick Robinson.

In this thrilling sequel to the national bestseller Nimitz Class (more than 75,000 hardcover copies sold), the United States must stop Russia from delivering ten state-of-the-art Kilo class submarines to China, which is threatening both Taiwan's sovereignty and America's vital trade routes. Patrick Robinson Exploded Onto the National Bestseller lists with his riveting naval thriller Nimitz Class. With Kilo Class, he's set to stake his claim to the highest rank of high-tech fiction novelists. It's the near future, and the Russian military has agreed to sell ten of its deadly Kilo class submarines to China. For decades, China has been waiting for an opportunity to bring Taiwan back under its control. Ultra-stealthy and capable of laying ship-destroying mines or firing nuclear-head torpedos, these subs offer them enough firepower to do just that. But with America's trade interests at stake, a team of Navy SEALS is dispatched into Russian waters with a top-secret mission -- to intercept the delivery. Kilo Class has all the pulse-pounding action Patrick Robinson's fans expect, and is sure to be surfacing on bestseller lists nationwide.



Espionage!Posted April 11, 2012