Face To Face With Dolphins

by Flip and Linda Nicklin

You're 70 feet underwater-face to face with one of the sea's friendliest creatures. National Geographic photographer Flip Nicklin and his wife Linda, a naturalist and educator, invite you to study the amazing behavior of the beloved dolphin. Learn the difference between an orca and a bottlenose. Witness a dophin baby nursed with mother's milk. Discover how these social mammals echolocate and communicate. Flip is a veteran of 5,500 dives worldwide, and this compelling book aims to encourage active concern and support for these smiling sea creatures whose intelligence demands our kinship.


Susan NewsteadPosted May 7, 2012

If you love dolphins, you'll love National Geographic's Face to Face with Dolphins. There are lots of amazing pictures showing all types of dolphins, including freshwater river species. Find out how dolphins talk to one another, how baby dolphins lea...

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Dolphins & WhalesPosted July 13, 2013