by Jan Brett

Who will help Mossy return home to Lilypad Pond? Mossy, an amazing turtle with a gorgeous garden growing on her shell, loses her freedom when Dr. Carolina, a biologist,nbsp; takes her to live in her Edwardian museum. Visitors flock to see Mossy, but it is Dr. Carolina's niece, Tory, who notices how sad Mossy is living in a viewing pavilion. She misses the outdoors and her friend, Scoot.Dr. Carolina finds a way to keep the spirit of Mossy alive at the museum. She invites Flora and Fauna to paint Mossy's portrait. Then she and Tory take Mossy home, where Scoot is waiting for her.Jan Brett fans will pore over the colorful paintings of Lilypad Pond and lush borders displayingnbsp;wildflowers, ferns, butterflies and birds in contrast to elegant spreads of the museum filled with visitors in stylish Edwardian dress and exquisite borders of shells, rocks, crystals and birds' eggs.Mossy gives readers a fascinating look at nature in the wild and on display in a natural history museum.


Dawn PreskePosted February 21, 2013

Mossy by Jan Brett is a beautifully illustrated picture book that gently introduces the concept of environmental stewardship.  The story urges children to consider eco-friendly choices and offers solutions to conservation issues. more