Seeing Symmetry

written and illustrated by Loreen Leedy

Once you start looking, you can find symmetry all around you. It's in words and even letters. It's in both nature and man-made things. In fact, art, decoration, and buildings are full of it. This clear and concise book explains different types of symmetry and shows you how to spot them make your own symmetrical masterpieces. Notes and a glossary are included, as well as activities that show kids how to make their own symmetrical masterpieces. This book is aligned with the COMMON CORE STATE STANDARDS for fourth-grade mathematics in geometry: (4.G.3).


Jennifer CarterPosted December 3, 2012

Paired with beautiful, clean illustrations and mathematics vocabulary, Seeing Symmetry would be a wonderful book to share with children learning basic geometry concepts.   Written by esteemed math-themed author, Loreen Leedy, the book share...

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