Kate Skylar is an ordinary seventeen-year-old with an extraordinarydestiny. A virgin,Kate suddenly finds herself pregnant with what she believesis the Son of God. But the Catholic Church is convinced Kate is carrying theAntichrist and, assisted by an artificial intelligence known as GrandInquisitor, will stop at nothing to kill Ethan, her son. Ethan's only protection is Conversatio, a secretorganization dedicated to the Second Coming-which may have its own dark agenda.As Ethan grows up in anonymity, ignorant of his true identity and not knowingwhom to trust, he must come to terms with his miraculous abilities and make afateful choice that will determine the future of allmankind. And for Kate, an equally difficult struggle looms,as well as a mother's devastating choice. Godsent is a wildreligious thriller, a page-turner that keeps you guessing until the very lastpage. Burton, in his fiction debut, crafts a tightly-wound narrative with aheart-pounding plot and emotional resonance that will ring true to anyone withchildren of their own, all while the fate of humanity hangs in the balance.



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