by Michael Allaby

The six-volume Dangerous Weather set describes the world's major storm systems to young readers. These books offer a basic introduction to meteorology, climatology, aspects of other environmental sciences, and approaches to environmental management. Written in student-friendly language, each volume profiles one form of extreme weather. Technical terms are clearly defined to help readers fully understand all concepts. Coverage includes: -- Scientific explanations for the phenomena -- Biographical information about people who have made relevant discoveries -- Descriptions of the development and acceptance of new ideas -- Accounts of actual dangerous weather situations -- Appropriate advice about safety precautions. Chapters include: -- When Warm and Cold Air Collide -- How Wind Changes with Height -- Jet Streams -- Squall Lines -- Thunderstorms -- How a Tornado Begins -- Supercells -- Vortices and Angular Momentum -- Structure of a Tornado -- What Happens Inside a Tornado -- How a Tornado Travels -- How a Tornado Dies -- Dust Devils -- Waterspouts -- Raining Fish -- When and Where Tornadoes Happen -- Tornado Alley -- Tornadoes in Europe -- Tornadoes of the Past.



Wild WeatherPosted January 3, 2013