Hope springs

Kay and Arnold are a middle-aged couple who have been married for 30 years and now are sleeping in separate rooms and barely interact in any meaningful loving way. Finally, Kay has had enough and finds a book by Dr. Feld which inspires her to sign them up for the doctor's intense week-long marriage counseling session. What follows is an insightful experience as Dr. Feld manages to help the couple understand how they have emotionally drifted apart and what they can do to reignite their passion.




Cheryl FinnanPosted December 17, 2012

I watched this film and although it has fine performances by Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones, it has some wincingly uncomfortable discussions and scenes about the couple's sexual relationship that caught me off guard. I'm not being ageist when I can honestly say it was akin to picturing one's own parents' private relationship, which I think is something that most people don't want to think about. Not ever. In another surprising twist, Steve Carrell portrays Dr. Feld as a dramatic (not comic) roll which throws the movie further off kilter. This film is definitely not for the faint of heart.

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