Whiteness of the whale.

In The Whiteness of the Whale , a disgraced primate behaviorist from Nantucket, Dr. Sara Pollard, joins six other activists to sail a round-the-world racing yacht into Antarctic waters. There, they plan to shadow, embarrass, and expose the Japanese whaling fleet, which continues to kill and process whales though no one eats the meat anymore. But every crewmember of Black Anemone has a secret or something to live down. They'll be tested by the seas and storms of the Antarctic, hostile whalers, and romantic conflicts . . . and fight for their lives when they encounter a sperm whale with a murderous agenda of its own. Filled with dramatic scenes, life-or-death decisions, and magical evocations of whales in the last remote waters on Earth, The Whiteness of the Whale is a suspenseful, thought-provoking novel.