The intouchables

"After a paragliding accident, Philippe, a rich aristocrat, is confined to his home. He employs Driss as home help. Driss is a young guy from the projects recently out of prison - in short, the person the least adapted for the job. Vivaldi and Earth, Wind and Fire, fine language and slang, suits and jogging outfits come together and a clash is inevitable. Two worlds collide and win each other over to give birth to a friendship as crazy, funny, and fierce as it is unexpected. A unique relationship that will make sparks fly and render Philippe and Driss untouchable."--Unifrance website.


Angela PrandiniPosted January 3, 2014

I'm a big fan of foreign films, and recently I stumbled upon the gem The Intouchables. In this French movie, Driss, an African-American from the poor side of town, applies for a job as a live-in aide to Phillippe, an aristocrat who was left a quadrip...

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