Apocalypse cow

Michael Logan.

If you think youve seen it all -- WORLD WAR Z, THE WALKING DEAD-- you havent seen anything like this. From the twisted brain of Michael Logan comes "Apocalypse Cow," a story about three unlikely heroes who must save Britain . . . from a rampaging horde of ZOMBIE COWS "Forget the cud. They want blood." It began with a cow that just wouldnt die. It would become an epidemic that transformed Britains livestock into sneezing, slavering, flesh-craving four-legged zombies. And if that wasnt bad enough, the fate of the nation seems to rest on the shoulders of three unlikely heroes: an abattoir worker whose love life is non-existent thanks to the stench of death that clings to him, a teenage vegan with eczema and a weird crush on his maths teacher, and an inept journalist who wouldnt recognize a scoop if she tripped over one. As the nation descends into chaos, can they pool their resources, unlock a cure, and save the world? Three losers.Overwhelming odds.One outcome . . . Yup, were screwed.