Archangel : stories.

by Andrea Barrett.

The first motorized bicycles, the first aeroplanes, the first amateur studies of genetics-twelve-year-old Constantine Boyd has his eyes opened to an unfolding world of scientific discovery in "The Investigators." In "The Ether of Space," "The Island," and "The Particles," young women and men passionate about the workings of the natural world experience the shock waves of Einstein's, Darwin's, and Mendel's work. And in "Archangel," Constantine Boyd returns as a soldier on the desolate fringes of Russia in 1919, where even the newly discovered magic of X-ray technology fails to offer the insight that might protect humans from the stupidity of war. In five radiant stories that explore both the wonder and the sense of loss that come with scientific progress, as well as the personal passions and impersonal politics that shape knowledge, Andrea Barrett has once again given us new ways to understand ourselves: curious, brilliant, and often blind investigators.