An Abundance of Katherines

John Green.

In this new novel from the acclaimed author of "Looking for Alaska," Colin Singleton always falls for girls named Katherine--and he's been dumped 19 times, to be exact. Letting expectations go and allowing love are in the heart of his hilarious quest to find his missing piece and avenge dumpees everywhere.


Brandy WaltonPosted May 31, 2011

Colin Singleton, a once child prodigy, has had 19 girlfriends all named Katherine and he's been dumped by each and everyone one of them. One the day after his high school graduation, after his 19th painful "I think the problem is us" breakup speech, ...

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Road TripsPosted September 10, 2009


Melissa L. MaclaryPosted May 29, 2010

This book was great. I really enjoyed it. The graphs and equations made it interesting when he was figuring out his theory. There are parts in the book that you can't stop laughing.