On the Farm

The Moonflower Vine: A Novel

Jetta Carleton ; foreword by Jane Smiley.

Historical Fiction

A timeless American classic rediscovered--an unforgettable saga of a heartland family On a farm in western Missouri during the first half of the twentieth century, Matthew and Callie Soames create a life for themselves and raise four headstrong daughters. Jessica will break their hearts. Leonie will fall in love with the wrong man. Mary Jo will escape to New York. And wild child Mathy's fate will be the family's greatest tragedy. Over the decades...

All the living

C.E. Morgan.

Literary Fiction

"All the Living" has the timeless quality of a parable, but it is also a perfect evocation of a time and place, a portrait of both age-old conflicts and modern life. This lyrical and moving debut novel is an ode to the starve-acre southern farm, the mountain landscape, and difficult love--an unforgettable book from a major new voice.

Man camp : a novel

Adrienne Brodeur.

Chick Lit, Romance

Lucy, a biologist studying patterns of sexual selection, knows male animals will go to any length to attract females. So, what went wrong with the males of New York City? There's Adam, Lucy's boyfriend, who can't build a fire or jump-start a car, and there's a very long list of men with whom Lucy's best friend Martha has endured the torments of a first date. On the other hand, there's Lucy's old friend Cooper. Born and bred on his family's dairy ...

The good earth

Pearl S. Buck ; supplementary material written by Stephanie Reents ; series edited by Cynthia Brantley Johnson.

Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction

ENDURING LITERATURE ILLUMINATED BY PRACTICAL SCHOLARSHIP - A poignant tale about the life and labors of a Chinese farmer during the sweeping reign of the country¹s last emperor.EACH ENRICHED CLASSIC EDITION INCLUDES:• A concise introduction that gives readers important background information• A chronology of the author's life and work• A timeline of significant events that provides the book's historical context• An outlin...

The edge of town

Dorothy Garlock.


At 21, Julie Jones is convinced that life is passing her by. Her mothers death four years ago left her in charge of caring for her father and five siblings, and dashed her hopes of meeting that special someone who would whisk her away to the glamorous big city. Then all at once, Julies predictable existence is overturned when her father finds love with an attractive widow, and Evan Johnson, the mysterious son of the town drunkard returns home and...

Crow lake : a novel

by Mary Lawson.

Literary Fiction

Crow Lakeis that rare find, a first novel so quietly assured, so emotionally pitch perfect, you know from the opening page that this is the real thing–a literary experience in which to lose yourself, by an author of immense talent. Here is a gorgeous, slow-burning story set in the rural “badlands” of northern Ontario, where heartbreak and hardship are mirrored in the landscape. For the farming Pye family, life is a Greek traged...

Prodigal summer : a novel

Barbara Kingsolver.

Literary Fiction

Barbara Kingsolver's fifth novel is a hymn to wildness that celebrates the prodigal spirit of human nature, and of nature itself. It weaves together three stories of human love within a larger tapestry of lives amid the mountains and farms of southern Appalachia. Over the course of one humid summer, this novel's intriguing protagonists face disparate predicaments but find connections to one another and to the flora and fauna with which they neces...

A painted house : a novel

by John Grisham.

Historical Fiction, Thriller

Until that September of 1952, Luke Chandler had never kept a secret or told a single lie. But in the long, hot summer of his seventh year, two groups of migrant workers — and two very dangerous men — came through the Arkansas Delta to work the Chandler cotton farm. And suddenly mysteries are flooding Luke’s world. A brutal murder leaves the town seething in gossip and suspicion. A beautiful young woman ignites forbidden passion...

Cold mountain : a novel

by Charles Frazier.

Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction

In 1997, Charles Frazier’s debut novel Cold Mountain made publishing history when it sailed to the top ofThe New York Timesbest-seller list for sixty-one weeks, won numerous literary awards, including the National Book Award, and went on to sell over three million copies. Now, the beloved American epic returns, reissued by Grove Press to coincide with the publication of Frazier’s eagerly-anticipated second novel,Thirteen Moons. Sorely...

Wish you well

David Baldacci.

Historical Fiction

Twelve-year-old Louisa Mae Cardinal and her younger brother must move with their invalid mother from New York City to their great-grandmother's farm in the Virginia mountains. When the forces of greed and justice clash, their struggle plays out in a crowded Virginia courtroom.

That old ace in the hole : a novel

Annie Proulx.

Literary Fiction

From Pulitzer Prize and National Book Award winner Annie Proulx comesThat Old Ace in the Hole,an exhilarating story brimming with language, history, landscape, music, and love.Bob Dollar is a young man from Denver trying to make good in a bad world. Out of college and aimless, Dollar takes a job with Global Pork Rind, scouting out big spreads of land that can be converted to hog farms. Soon he's holed up in a two-bit Texas town called Woolybucket...

My Antonia

Willa Cather.

Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction

My Antonia is a classic tale of pioneer life in the American Midwest. The novel details daily life in the newly settled plains of Nebraska through the eyes of Jim Burden, who recounts memories of a childhood shared with a girl named Antonia Shimerda, the daughter of a family who have emigrated from Bohemia. As adults, Jim leaves the prairie for college and a career in the east, while Antonia devotes herself to her large family and productive farm...

Hallam's war

Elisabeth Payne Rosen.

Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction, Romance

An acclaimed, sweeping historical novel set during the Civil War, with one steadfast couple at its core. It is 1859, and Hugh and Serena Hallam have left Charleston society behind to build a new life for themselves and their three children in the near-wilderness of West Tennessee. War may loom on the horizon, but life at their farm, Palmyra, is good, both for their family and-so they convince themselves- their slaves. Young and idealistic, torn ...

Kentucky rich

Fern Michaels.


On his deathbed, racing horse magnate Josh Coleman has unfinished business--his long-lost daughter has come back to settle an old score. It's been 30 years since Nealy Coleman Diamond slipped away with her illegitimate daughter. In that time, Nealy has become a woman to be reckoned with. When the truth about her father and a family's troubled past are revealed, Nealy finds herself faced with the greatest challenge of her life.

Drowning Ruth

Christina Schwarz.

Historical Fiction

“POWERFUL . . . SUSPENSEFUL . . . RICHLY TEXTURED . . . [A] CHILLING, PRECOCIOUSLY GOOD START TO A BRIGHT NEW NOVELIST’S CAREER.” –The New York Times “[A] gripping psychological thriller . . . In the winter of 1919, a young mother named Mathilda Neumann drowns beneath the ice of a rural Wisconsin lake. The shock of her death dramatically changes the lives of her daughter, troubled sister, and husband. . . . Told in ...

A country called home

Kim Barnes.

Literary Fiction

From the author of the acclaimed memoir "In the Wilderness" comes a luminous novel of youthful idealism, faith and madness, love and family.

Starting over

Robin Pilcher.


Robin Pilcher, bestselling author of An Ocean Apart returns readers to contemporary Scotland, where the "simple" life has grown somewhat more complicated, but the shortest distance between lonely hearts will always be love... Sometimes The Hardest Thing In Life... Liz Dewhurst has witnessed quite a bit in her thirty-seven years: the birth of her son, the death of her mother, the waxing and waning days on the farm where she was raised...the sight...

Mudbound : a novel

by Hillary Jordan.

Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction

This prize-winning novel is storytelling at the height of its powers: the ache of wrongs not yet made right, the fierce attendance of history made real (Barbara Kingsolver), as men and women from two families become players in a tragedy on the grandest scale.

A thousand acres : a novel

Jane Smiley.

Literary Fiction

A successful Iowa farmer decides to divide his farm between his three daughters. When the youngest objects, she is cut out of his will. This sets off a chain of events that brings dark truths to light and explodes long-suppressed emotions. An ambitious reimagining of Shakespeare’s King Lear cast upon a typical American community in the late twentieth century, A Thousand Acres takes on themes of truth, justice, love, and pride, and reveals t...

A map of the world

Jane Hamilton.

Literary Fiction

From the author of the widely acclaimed The Book of Ruth comes a harrowing, heartbreaking drama about a rural American family and a disastrous event that forever changes their lives. The Goodwins, Howard, Alice, and their little girls, Emma and Claire, live on a dairy farm in Wisconsin. Although suspiciously regarded by their neighbors as "that hippie couple" because of their well-educated, urban background, Howard and Alice believe they have fo...

Bad Girl Creek : a novel

Jo-Ann Mapson.

Chick Lit

Phoebe DeThomas has lived life as spectator, confined to a wheelchair, in awe of her beloved Aunt Sadie, and overshadowed by her financial wizard brother, James. But when Sadie dies, leaving Phoebe a flower farm, the world opens up to her in ways she could never have imagined. Taking in three roommates to help get the farm running, she finds herself, for the first time in her life, part of a close circle of women friends. Each displaced from her ...

In a pickle : a family farm story

Jerry Apps.

Historical Fiction

The year is 1955. The H. H. Harlow Pickle Company has appeared in the small town of Link Lake, using heavy-handed tactics to force family farmers to either farm the Harlow way or lose their biggest customer-and, possibly, their land. Andy Meyer, the owner of a half-acre pickle patch, works part-time for the Harlow Company, a conflict that places him between the family farm and the big corporation. As he sees how Harlow begins to change the rural ...

Animal farm

by George Orwell.

Action/Adventure, Literary Fiction, Politics

<:st> Orwell's classic political fable is often cited as simply a condemnation of Stalinism, which it certainly was, but its political relevance is both wider and more enduring, as novelist Ann Patchett notes in her introductory essay to this new edition. Among the lessons contained in its pages is the need of politicians for "The Enemy" (think Axis of Evil) and the dangers of individuality to oppressive political order. A previous edition ...