Street Lit

The take down

Mark Anthony.

Urban, African American

While investigating one of hip-hopâ??s most successful music labels, Gun Clap Records, undercover FBI agent Jessica Jackson is willing to do anything to keep her identity a secret. She helps the Feds hit a grand slam during their investigation when they learn that Angela Calvino, the daughter of New York mafia boss Paulie Calvino, plans to start a hip-hop label with money from the Calvino family crime rackets. LaCostra Nostra Records will r...

Explicit content

Black Artemis.

Urban, African American

It's "Sex and the Small Town" in three fun and flirty stories about a local baseball team...and America's other favorite pastime...


Tracy Brown.

Urban, African American

Celeste Styles is starting over. After losing her cherished salonn in a suspicious fire, she has finally left her adulterous relationship and her drama-filled life in Brooklynn for the peace and tranquility of Atlanta, Georgia. But when Rah-Lo heads down south after deciding to leave his wife Asia, Celeste is floored and isn't quite sure if she wants to rekindle their affair. Meanwhile, Asia is hell bent on revenge. Vowing not to let Celeste get ...

Got : a novel

by D.

Urban, African American

The debut title from Seven Weapon Arsenal, the new high-quality street-lit imprint.



Urban, African American

He set out to be the good son, but the streets had a different plan. nbsp; The situation soon turns ugly when Poppa is murdered and Tommy is removed from the equation. Suddenly Shai finds himself at the head of his father’s empire and the streets are thrown into chaos. It is then that he must decide whether to pursue his own dreams or put his father’s affairs in order. Unable to sit idly by while the Clarks’ underworld empire is...

Blinking red light

Mister Mann Frisby.

Urban, African American

The hardcore hip-hop debut novel from a natural born storyteller. "I had all this s-racing through my head. I figured that if the pigs was asking about Dex then they had to know he was rolling with somebody which meant they was going to be looking for me too..." Blinking Red Lightis a story of temptation and betrayal, where sex looks easy but the stakes are way higher than the players could have known. When Dexter and a longtime friend come acros...

Bang bang

Theo Gangi.

Urban, African American

Stickup kid (n.): an urban gunslingerwho preys on other criminals, often stealing already stolen property, using violence and intimidation. Izzy picks a bad time to have a conscience crisis. As a stick up kid in New York's underworld, he has a good thing going-robbing the worst drug lords in the city and leaving no witnesses behind. It is a game of high risk and high reward. There is just one problem: Izzy is in his thirties now, and for good rea...

Bad girlz : a novel

by Shannon Holmes.

Urban, African American

The bestselling author ofB-More Careful,Shannon Holmes, delivers Bad Girlz, another wild adventure into the streets. The setting this time is the Badlands, one of the toughest and poorest communities in Philadelphia.Bad Girlztakes you into the mysterious and often dangerous lives of young women who turn to the streets and strip clubs as a means of survival. These are girls who, along the way, suffer bad breaks and find themselves ripe for exploit...

Dakota Grand : a novel

Kenji Jasper.

Urban, African American

From the author of the acclaimed debut novelDark, a searing and authentic new novel about the mano a mano feud between a famous rap artist and an intrepid, won’t-back-down hip-hop journalist. Dakota Grand is a young music journalist who’s left his Southern roots behind and moved to the Big Apple to cover the rough-and-tumble world of rap. He’s part of the star-making machinery, spinning the web of interviews, reviews, and &ldquo...

Ride or die

Solomon Jones.

African American, Urban

Seventeen-year-old Keisha is the beautiful, sheltered daugh-ter of an activist pastor with a checkered past. Handsome, am-bitious Jamal-a street-savvy crack dealer-is the son of a North Philly drug kingpin. When Keisha's father sets his sights on driving crack from the neighborhood, there's just one problem: Keisha and Jamal are in love. When the families face off on opposite sides of an anti-drug demonstration, a high-ranking police official is ...



African American, Urban

The only family Eve Panelli has ever known is the infamous Twenty Gang. Orphaned as a small child, Eve quickly learned the art of the hustle, and by age seventeen she had spent two years in prison. But now Eve is eighteen, back on the streets of Harlem with her gang and up to one of her old tricks: strong-arm robbery. Despite her edge, she's got a soft spot for Felon, the up-and-coming street king.Eve's life takes a serious turn when the powerful...

Sistah for sale


African American, Urban

After her father was killed and her mother was deported, Sienna grew up in Miami's prostitution scene in the care of her father's business partner, Chatman. Beautiful and ambitious, Sienna determines that the best route to the life she wants is to become the most coveted of Chatman's call girls. When Sienna learns that her mother has been murdered and that Chatman had a role in the murder, she turns to her friend Ryan for comfort, beginning a sec...

Street vengeance

by Evie Rhodes.

African American, Urban

From the talented author of "Criss Cross" and "Expired" comes a haunting, stirring story about a female gang leader in L.A. who learns that some forces are more powerful than she ever imagined.

T.h.u.g. l.i.f.e. : a novel

by Sanyika Shakur.

African American, Urban

The follow up to his best-selling memoirMonster, Sanyika Shakur’sT.H.U.G. a vicious, heart-wrenching and true-to-life novel about an LA gang member that masterfully captures the violence and depravity of gang life. Shakur’s protagonist is Lapeace, the leader of the Eight Tray Crips gang in South Central Los Angeles. In a deadly gunfight with Anyhow, a Blood and Lapeace’s rival since childhood, eight innocent civilians...

The Rolexxx Club : a novel

Meta Smith.

African American, Urban

When Dez begins working as a dancer at Miamis famous Rolexxx Club, she merely sees it as a way to pay the bills before she makes enough money to chase her dreams. Then Ginger, a world-weary dancer at just 25, takes Dez under her wing and shows her that beautiful looks and an intoxicating demeanor can attract the most successful men in the world. Dez gives in to the promise of easy money, but not for long. After trying to make a name for herself a...

I-95 : a novel

Nikki Turner.

African American, Urban

Queen of hip hop fiction Nikki Turner follows her gritty, emotionally charged novel The Glamorous Life with this new tale from the hood featuring a beautiful down-on-her-luck sister who can out-hustle the best of them as she rises from the ghetto to glory. After Mercy’s beloved dad is murdered in cold blood on her seventh birthday, her mother gives her up to foster care. But despite an unsavory upbringing, Mercy vows to make something of he...