Honest Abe: the Life and Times of our 16th President

Blood on the moon : the assassination of Abraham Lincoln

Edward Steers

Nonfiction, History

Winner of the 2001 The Lincoln Group of New York's Award of Achievement A History Book Club Selection The assassination of Abraham Lincoln is usually told as a tale of a lone deranged actor who struck from a twisted lust for revenge. This is not only too simple an explanation; Blood on the Moon reveals that it is completely wrong. John Wilkes Booth was neither mad nor alone in his act of murder. He received the help of many, not the least of whom...

The age of Lincoln

Orville Vernon Burton

Politics, Nonfiction, History, Biography

Stunning in its breadth and conclusions,The Age of Lincolnis a fiercely original history of the five decades that pivoted around the presidency of Abraham Lincoln. Abolishing slavery, the age’s most extraordinary accomplishment, was not its most profound. The enduring legacy of the age was inscribing personal liberty into the nation’s millennial aspirations.   America has always perceived providence in its progress, but in the 18...

Lincoln legends : myths, hoaxes, and confabulations associated with our greatest president

Edward Steers Jr. ; with an introduction by Harold Holzer.

Biography, History, Nonfiction

In the more than 140 years since his death, Abraham Lincoln has become America’s most revered president. The mythmaking about this self-made man began early, some of it starting during his campaign for the presidency in 1860. As an American icon, Lincoln has been the subject of speculation and inquiry as authors and researchers have examined every aspect— personal and professional —of the president’s life. InLincoln Legend...

Tried by war : Abraham Lincoln as commander in chief

James M. McPherson.

Politics, Nonfiction, History, Biography

James McPherson, a bestselling historian of the Civil War, illuminates how Lincoln worked with?and often against? his senior commanders to defeat the Confederacy and create the role of commander in chief as we know it. Though Abraham Lincoln arrived at the White House with no previous military experience (apart from a couple of months spent soldiering in 1832), he quickly established himself as the greatest commander in chief in American history....

Manhunt : the twelve-day chase for Lincoln's killer

James L. Swanson.

History, Nonfiction

Combining magnificent historical research with a thrilling story, Manhunt describes the hourndash;byndash;hour details of the twelve days after Abraham Lincoln's assassination when various factions within the U.S. government ndash; and even some outside it ndash; hunted for the President's killer, John Wilkes Booth. The pursuit of Lincoln's assassins is one of the greatest untold stories in American history. From April 14th to 26th, 1865, the hun...

The Lincoln Assassination Encyclopedia.

History, Nonfiction

The first book of its kind, this volume is a truly exhaustive reference to the Lincoln assassination. Illustrated with 150 photos, many of which have never been published before, the encyclopedia contains all of the known information that relates to this infamous event.

House of Abraham : Lincoln and the Todds, a family divided by war

Stephen Berry.

Politics, History, Biography, Nonfiction

A rising star among historians charts the fortunes of a family shattered by the Civil War -- Mary Todd Lincoln's family -- and their surprising impact on how Lincoln fought that war. For all the talk of the Civil War "pitting brother against brother," there has never before been a single book that traces the story of one family ravaged by that conflict. And no family could better illustrate the personal toll the war took than Lincoln's own. Mary ...

Team of rivals : the political genius of Abraham Lincoln

Doris Kearns Goodwin

History, Politics, Nonfiction

Acclaimed historian Doris Kearns Goodwin illuminates Lincoln's political genius in this highly original work, as the one-term congressman and prairie lawyer rises from obscurity to prevail over three gifted rivals of national reputation to become president.On May 18, 1860, William H. Seward, Salmon P. Chase, Edward Bates, and Abraham Lincoln waited in their hometowns for the results from the Republican National Convention in Chicago. When Lincoln...

Land of Lincoln

Andrew Ferguson.

Biography, Nonfiction, Travel, Politics, History

Ferguson (a senior editor at The Weekly Standard) combines travelogue, memoir, and historiography in describing his travels around the United States, sometimes with reluctant family in tow, investigating how President Abraham Lincoln is remembered in museums, at monuments and historic sites, by impersonators ("Lincoln presenters"), and even in business conferences. While he often adopts a light-hearted tone, Ferguson's takes can become pretty jau...

Abraham Lincoln

James M. McPherson.

History, Biography, Politics, Nonfiction

Marking the two-hundredth anniversary of Lincoln's birth, this marvelous short biography by a leading historian offers an illuminating portrait of one of the giants in the American story. It is the best concise introduction to Lincoln in print, a must-have volume for anyone interested in American history or in our greatest president. Best-selling author James M. McPherson follows the son of Thomas Lincoln and Nancy Hanks from his early years in K...

Looking for Lincoln : the making of an American icon

Philip B. Kunhardt III, Peter W. Kunhardt, Peter W. Kunhardt, Jr. ; foreword by David Herbert Donald ; introduction by Doris Kearns Goodwin.

Biography, Nonfiction, Politics, History

In honor of the bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln’s birth, an extensively researched, lavishly illustrated consideration of the myths, memories, and questions that gathered around our most beloved—and our most enigmatic—president in the years between his assassination and the dedication of the Lincoln Memorial in 1922. A sequel to the enormously successfulLincoln: An Illustrated Biography,Looking for Lincolnpicks up where the prev...

The Gettysburg gospel the Lincoln speech that nobody knows

Gabor Boritt

History, Biography, Politics, Nonfiction

The words Abraham Lincoln spoke at the dedication of the Soldiers' National Cemetery at Gettysburg comprise perhaps the most famous speech in history. It has been quoted by popes, presidents, prime ministers, and revolutionaries around the world. From "Four score and seven years ago..." to "government of the people, by the people, for the people," Lincoln's words echo in the American conscience. Many books have been written about the Gettysburg A...

Biography, History, Nonfiction, Politics