Don't Be a Dummy

Homebrewing for dummies

by Marty Nachel.

Cooking, Nonfiction

Want to become your own brewmeister? Homebrewing For Dummies, 2 nd Edition, gives you easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions for everything from making your first "kit" beer to brewing an entire batch from scratch. Before you know it, you'll be boiling, bottling, storing, pouring, and kegging your own frothy, delicious suds.This friendly, hands-on guide walks you through each step in the brewing process at the beginning, intermediate, and adva...

DJing for dummies

by John Steventon.

Nonfiction, Arts, Science/Technology

From novice to nightclub -- without the nightmares. Whether you're a bedroom DJ looking to improve, or an accomplished amateur making the transition to playing live, DJing For Dummies has the accessible information you need. From what to buy (and what not to buy), mastering the beat, and reading a crowd, to all the tricks, techniques, and flourishes of a pro DJ, you'll be turning noise into notoriety in no time. Discover how to: * Buy the essenti...

BlackBerry for dummies

by Robert Kao and Dante Sarigumba.

Science/Technology, Nonfiction

The BlackBerry is such a valuable tool, even the President is using one! Whether you've just bought your first BlackBerry or you want to get up to speed on the new models, BlackBerry For Dummies, 3rd Edition shows you how to use every fantastic feature.Packed with information to help you make the most of this amazing device, BlackBerry For Dummies explains how to send and receive e-mail and instant messages, surf the Web, take photos, make phone ...

Golf for dummies

by Gary McCord ; foreword by Alice Cooper.

Health/Fitness, Nonfiction

Golf is a simple game. You have a bunch of clubs and a ball. You have to hit the ball with a club into a series of holes laid out in the middle of a large, grassy field. As simple as it is, many people believe golf is the hardest game in the world. If you're like most golfers, you play the sport for fun, relaxation, and a chance to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. If you're like Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, or Tiger Woods, you get to do all...

Detox diets for dummies.

by Gerald Don Wootan and M. Brittain Phillips.

Cooking, Health/Fitness, Nonfiction

For those who are motivated by weight loss, disease prevention, metal purification, or physical revival, "Detox Diets For Dummies" contains a variety of detox programs that are all natural and fit any lifestyle.

Gluten-free cooking for dummies

by Danna Korn and Connie Sarros.

Cooking, Nonfiction

Want to create tasty gluten-free meals and snacks? Gluten-Free Cooking For Dummies is loaded with more than 150 wheat-and gluten-free recipes. These sweet, spicy, and aromatic dishes prove that living the gluten-free lifestyle can be not only fun and easy, but delicious and nutritious too!This practical, guide shows you how to select the right ingredients and prepare classic healthy dishes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert. You'll find ou...

Cake decorating for dummies

by Joe LoCicero.

Arts, Cooking, Nonfiction

Create wedding, shower, holiday, and festive kids' cakes Easy at-home instruction for making and decorating fabulous cakes Want to make beautiful cakes? This fun, instructive guide gives you simple techniques for creating cakes for all celebrations. You get expert advice in all the basics -- from baking to icing to decorating with style. You'll also find delicious foolproof recipes, great ideas for themed cakes, and savvy tips for starting a cake...

iPod & iTunes for dummies

by Tony Bove.

Science/Technology, Nonfiction

Explains how to share content from your iTunes library, manage photos and videos, synchronize devices with iTunes, update and troubleshoot, and more Get in tune with all that iPod iTunes has to offer with this book!

Blogging for dummies

by Brad Hill.

Arts, Nonfiction

If you want to give yourself a Web presence without spending a lot of time or money, a blog is your answer and this is your guide. Blogs (Web logs) are short, diary-like entries on a Web site that has a chronological, journal format. Fun or informative, but not formal, blogs are easy to set up, maintain, and update. You can share your personal, stream-of-consciousness musings or your expertise on any subject ranging from your family vacation to w...

Business plans for dummies

Paul Tiffany and Steven D. Peterson.


Would you take off on a road trip to a new destination without a map or good directions? Probably not. Yet, sometimes business owners go full speed ahead without even having a destination in mind, much less a map on how to get there. That's why so many businesses never make it. In today's competitive marketplace, 3/4 of all new businesses fail within two to three years. Whether you're launching a new business or working to strengthen or expand an...

Bartending for dummies

by Ray Foley.

Cooking, Nonfiction

A favorite drink-mixing guide-more than 350,000 copies sold in previous editions!With easy-to-follow guidance on bartending tools and techniques, thorough coverage of liquors and wines, and more than 1,000 terrific cocktail recipes, Bartending For Dummies has become a must-have entertaining resource. Now this bestselling guide is updated to cover the very latest cocktail trends and innovative libations. It includes more than 40 new recipes featur...

Art history for dummies

Jesse Bryant Wilder.

Arts, History, Nonfiction

Art history is more than just a collection of dates and foreign-sounding names, obscure movements and arcane isms. Every age, for the last 50,000 years has left its unique imprint on the world, and from the first cave paintings to the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, from the Byzantine mosaics of the Hagia Sophia, to the graffiti-inspired paintings of Jean-Michel Basquiat, art history tells the story of our evolving notions of who and what we are a...

Dog Training for Dummies.


With more than 25 percent updated content, this books allows readers to discover the power of motivational training, the latest tips and techniques on housetraining and socializing a puppy or adult dogs, and more.

Guitar Chords for Dummies.

Arts, Nonfiction

Whether you're playing blues, rock, classical, or folk-all the chords you'll need are hereEven Eric Clapton started with a few basic chords. And Guitar Chords For Dummies offers guitarists of every ambition, skill level, and musical genre a key to the simplest and most complex guitar chords-over 600 in all. Illustrated with a grid showing the position of the fingers on a string, a photograph of the chord being played, and a brief comment on the c...

Controlling cholesterol for dummies

by Carol Ann Rinzler with Martin W. Graf.

Health/Fitness, Nonfiction

Containing more than 25 percent new and revised material, this resource discusses cholesterol management drugs, the latest findings on possible side effects of cholesterol therapy, and the benefits of dieting and fitness programs.

Massage for Dummies.

by Steve Capellini and Michel Van Welden.

Health/Fitness, Nonfiction

Sooth away stress, banish pain, and share the language of touch with the healing powers of massageWhat reduces pain, enhances athletic performance, job efficiency, improves the circulation, raises immune efficiency, promotes the healing of tissues, increases the functioning of the skin, enhances focus and emotional balance, and improves appearance? Right, massage! So what are you waiting for?Discover how to knead your way to relaxation and wellne...

Ethics for Dummies.

by Christopher Panza, Adam Potthast.


An easy-to-grasp guide to addressing the principles of ethics and applying them to daily lifeHow do you define "good" versus "evil?" Do you know the difference between moral "truth" and moral relativity? Whether or not you know Aristotle from Hume, Ethics For Dummies will get you comfortable with the centuries-old study of ethical philosophy quickly and effectively! Ethics For Dummies is a practical, friendly guide that takes the headache out of ...

Yoga for dummies.

by Georg Feuerstein and Larry Payne.

Health/Fitness, Nonfiction

The long-awaited update of the trusted yoga bookA decade since its initial publication, Yoga For Dummies, 2nd Edition has been updated and revised to include coverage of the newest concepts and practices that have emerged in the yoga community over the past ten years. Still maintaining its emphasis on safe approaches to the physical practice of yoga, Yoga For Dummies, 2nd Edition breaks down the concepts and poses, making yoga easy-to-understand ...

Saints for dummies

by John Trigilio and Kenneth Brighenti.

Nonfiction, History

An in-depth resource that separates fact from myth about the lives of saintsSaints For Dummies offers information on famous saints (both men and women) from the Eastern Orthodox, Protestant, and Catholic traditions. With a historical biography on each saint including information on what they are known for, what they did in life to achieve sainthood, and how readers can pray to them in time of need. This easy-to-understand guide reveals that most ...

English grammar for dummies

by Geraldine Woods.


The fun and easy way® to improve your grammarEnhancing your speaking and writing skills helps in everyday situations, such as writing a paper for school, giving a presentation to a company's bigwigs, or communicating effectively with family and friends. English Grammar For Dummies, 2nd Edition gives you the latest techniques for improving your efficiency with English grammar and punctuation. Teaches the rules of verbs, adjectives, and adverbs...

Personal finance for dummies

by Eric Tyson.


Now updated-the proven guide to taking control of your finances. The bestselling Personal Finance For Dummies has helped countless readers budget their funds successfully, rein in debt, and build a strong foundation for the future. Now, renowned financial counselor Eric Tyson combines his time-tested financial advice along with updates to his strategies that reflect changing market conditions, giving you a better-than-ever guide to taking an hone...

EBay for dummies

by Marsha Collier.

Nonfiction, Science/Technology

The bestsellng guide to successfully buying and selling on eBay, fully revised and updatedeBay is the world's #1 shopping and selling site, where millions find bargains and make money with their own sales. Marsha Collier is the #1 eBay expert and bestselling author, with more than a million copies of her books in print. And eBay For Dummies has been the bestselling book on eBay since the original edition in 1999.Thoroughly updated to cover all th...

Genealogy online for dummies

by Matthew L. Helm and April Leigh Helm.

Nonfiction, Science/Technology, History

Researching your genealogy online is like being a kid in a candy store. So many neat things catch your eye that it's difficult to decide which one to try. That's where Genealogy Online For Dummies, 5th Edition comes in. This completely practical handbook helps you become a smart, discriminating researcher from the moment you start your investigation.Unlike other genealogy books, this easy-to-use guide does more than show you how to access and use...