Oh, the Horrors!: Paranormal Reads

World War Z : an oral history of the zombie war

Max Brooks.

"The Zombie War came unthinkably close to eradicating humanity. Max Brooks, driven by the urgency of preserving the acid-etched firsthand experiences of the survivors from those apocalyptic years, traveled across the United States of America and throughout the world, from decimated cities that once teemed with upwards of thirty million souls to the most remote and inhospitable areas of the planet. He recorded the testimony of men, women, and some...

Historic haunted America

Michael Norman and Beth Scott.

Nonfiction, Paranormal, Horror

The brief history of the dead

Kevin Brockmeier.

Paranormal, Horror

From Kevin Brockmeier, one of this generation's most inventive young writers, comes a striking new novel about death, life, and the mysterious place in between. The City is inhabited by those who have departed Earth but are still remembered by the living. They will reside in this afterlife until they are completely forgotten. But the City is shrinking, and the residents clearing out. Some of the holdouts, like Luka Sims, who produces the City&rsq...

The historian : a novel

Elizabeth Kostova.

Thriller, Paranormal, Historical Fiction, Horror

If your pulse flutters at the thought of castle ruins and descents into crypts by moonlight, you will savor every creepy page of Elizabeth Kostova's long but beautifully structured thriller The Historian.The story opens in Amsterdam in 1972, when a teenage girl discovers a medieval book and a cache of yellowed letters in her diplomat father's library. The pages of the book are empty except for a woodcut of a dragon. The letters are addressed to: ...

The house of lost souls

F.G. Cottam.

Paranormal, Horror

Just weeks after four students cross the threshold of the derelict Fischer House, one of them has committed suicide and the other three are descending into madness. nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp; Nick Mason’s sister is one of them. To save her, Nick must join ranks with Paul Seaton—the only person to have visited the house and survive. But Paul is a troubled man, haunted by otherworldly visions that even now t...

The new annotated Dracula

Bram Stoker ; edited with a foreword and notes by Leslie S. Klinger ; additional research by Janet Byrne ; introduction by Neil Gaiman.

Paranormal, Horror

In his first work since his best-selling The New Annotated Sherlock Holmes , Leslie S. Klinger returns with this spectacular, lavishly illustrated homage to Bram Stoker's Dracula . With a daring conceit, Klinger accepts Stoker's contention that the Dracula tale is based on historical fact. Traveling through two hundred years of popular culture and myth as well as graveyards and the wilds of Transylvania, Klinger's notes illuminate every aspect of...

Carrie; [a novel of a girl possessed of a terrifying power.

Stephen King.

Horror, Paranormal

Unaware that she possesses a terrifying power, Carrie White creates much destruction in a small, quiet New England town. Copyright © Libri GmbH. All rights reserved.

Bigfoot : the true story of apes in America

by Loren Coleman.

Mystery, Nonfiction, Paranormal, Horror

For years, scientists and researchers have studied, speculated about, and searched for an enigmatic creature that is legendary in the annals of American folklore. Now, learn the truth about...BIGFOOT!In this fascinating and comprehensive look at the fact, fiction, and fable of the North American "Sasquatch," award-winning author Loren Coleman takes readers on a journey into America's biggest mystery -- could an unrecognized "ape" be living in our...

Wicked game

by Jeri Smith-Ready.


LATE NIGHT RADIO YOU CAN SINK YOUR TEETH INTORecovering con artist Ciara Griffin is trying to live the straight life, even if it means finding a (shudder!) real job. She takes an internship at a local radio station, whose late-night time-warp format features 1940s blues, '60s psychedelia, '80s goth, and more, all with an uncannily authentic flair. Ciara soon discovers just how the DJs maintain their cred: they're vampires, stuck forever in the er...

The Iron Duke

by Meljean Brook.

Paranormal, Science Fiction

Brook offers the first in an all-new series in which seductive danger and steampunk adventure abound in the gritty world of the Iron Seas.

In the dark of the night : a novel

John Saul.

Thriller, Paranormal, Horror

Summer vacation becomes a season in hell for an ordinary family who unwittingly stir something invisible, insidious, and insatiable from its secret slumber–unleashing a wave of horror only the darkest evil could create, that only a master of spine-tingling terror like John Saul could orchestrate. For deep in the shadows in the dark of the night lurks something as big as life . . . and as real as death. It has waited seven years for someone ...

Wolf Island

by Darren Shan.

Paranormal, Horror, Mystery, Thriller

As the mysterious Shadow builds an army of demons, Grubbs Grady and his team search desperately for answers. But when they follow up a new lead, it takes them to an old, unexpected foe - the Lambs. "We spot the werewolves as we skim the treetops. Mutated, vicious, hairy monstrosities, all fangs, claws and muscles. The beast within me tries to force its way to the surface, howling silently at its warped brethren. I've never rid myself of the wolf....

Vampire, interrupted : an Argeneau novel

Lynsay Sands.

Romance, Paranormal

After seven hundred years of life, Marguerite Argeneau finally has a career. Well, the start of one, anyway. She's training to be a private investigator, and her first assignment is to find an immortal's mother. It seemed simple enough, until Marguerite wakes up one evening to find herself at the wrong end of a sword. Now she realizes she's in way over her head. Julius Notte wants to protect Marguerite, and not because someone just tried to take ...

Witch hunt

Ian Rankin writing as Jack Harvey.

Paranormal, Mystery, Thriller

Interpol have tried and failed to find her. Now the combined forces of Scotland Yard and MI5 must try the impossible to prevent a major international incident.Dominic Elder carries her autograph wherever he goes. Witch is his passion, his obsession. And being retired is no bar to his willingness to restart the hunt. MI5 know that the man who wrote the Witch file is the key to catching their quarry. But the truth isn't easy to spot. And it is only...


Mary Shelley.

Literary Fiction, Horror, Paranormal

*Required summer reading for all North East High School students in 12th grade AP Literature and Composition class.*

The story of Victor Frankenstein's monstrous creation and the havoc it caused has enthralled generations of readers and inspired countless writers of horror and suspense. Includes the author's own 1831 introduction.